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DMC Foods proudly produces over 1 million ready meals a month, representing one in every five ready meals consumed in Ireland. Our house brand – Fit Foods – is top selling ready meal brand in Ireland with over 18% market share. We export to Northern Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe
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Fit Foods was born in 2014 in our Dublin Meat Company stores in response to changes in people’s eating habits and the desire for healthy, convenient meal offerings.

Fast forward to 2024 and Fit Foods is now the Number 1 branded ready meal in Ireland* sold across all major supermarkets and convenience channel outlets. Fit Foods is also exported to NI and Mainland Europe.
*Source Kantar 2024 data.

Experts In Manufacturing, Innovation, Food Technology, Safety & Quality.

Leaders in Manufacturing

At DMC Foods, we have full end to end manufacturing capabilities in our 34,000 sq ft manufacturing, BRC A++ grade plant located on the lush banks of Lough Eghish Co Monaghan, Ireland. DMC Foods proudly produces over 1 million ready meals a month.

Leaders in Innovation

At DMC Foods, innovation is at the core of our New Product Development (NPD) process. With a dedicated in-house Innovation & Development team, we stay ahead of market trends and insights, consumer preferences as well as industry benchmarking.

Leaders In Food Safety

At DMC Foods, Our commitment to quality remains unwavering, as evidenced by our consistent achievement of a BRC AA grade rating

Leaders In Supply Chain & Procurement

Our commitment to our long-term supplier relationships mean we know and trust where our food comes from, and our end-to-end control of the process gives us a Fully traceable supply chain control and absolute confidence in everything we produce.

Leaders In Brand

Designed, developed and manufactured by DMC Foods, Fit Foods is the number 1 brand in the Irish ready meal market.

Leaders In Private Label

Our expertise extends across a diverse range of cuisines, from traditional carvery and roast dinners to contemporary recipes. By leveraging our culinary innovation and production capabilities, we deliver high-quality meals that meet the unique preferences and demands of each retailer's customer base.

Innovators In Food Production, Healthcare, Retail and Vending

DMC Foods is more than just a facility for ready meals production. We collaborate with partners to develop a diverse range of products spanning meat and dairy. Additionally, our operations extend into the Healthcare, Vending, and Retail sectors, broadening our reach and impact
Ready Meals

DMC Foods proudly produces over 1 million fresh and frozen ready meals a month across the Private Label and Branded sector, representing one in every five ready meals consumed in Ireland.


Inspired by emerging health trends of gut health and high protein eating plans, DMC Foods has created a range of Gut Friendly yogurts and High Protein Puddings for our Fit Foods brand.


Our Fit Foods High Protein Meat Range was launched into retail in 2023, broadening Fit Foods’ eating occasions and responding to our customer’s desire to cook from scratch.


6 wholly owned factory outlet butcher stores operate under the Dublin Meat Co banner, across Dublin and Drogheda, supported by its own factory facility based in Swords Co Dublin.


DMC Foods Healthcare range is food created in collaboration with medical nutrition experts and adhering to Irish Health Service (HSE) dietary requirements.


Helping those on the go eat easier, tastier, healthier food. Our Fit Foods Vending Machines are placed in Hospitals, Police Stations, Colleges and other business with limited access to healthier food options.

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